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Lessor hereby rent to the renter under signed, the scooter described above in consideration of the renter a acknowledges and agrees.


1. That the renter will return the vehicle together with all types of tools, Accessories and equipment to the station from where it was rented
and on the specified above.
2.That renter received the scooter in good condition and achnowledns liability for costs of all fuel consumed during rental.
3. That the scooter shall not be operated:
a)To carry more than one passenger (that is driver and passenger)
b)To tow any vehicle or trailer
c)In motor sport events
d)By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
4. That renter acknowledges liability to pay lessor on demand all amounts.
5.Any accident must be declared in 3 hours time to the shop, after 3 hours the insurance company doesn't cover the accident.
6. The scooter must be driven only by the person who signed the
contract. When someone else drives the scooter and has accident, the insurance company does not cover that accident.
Also all damages insured will be paid by the person who signed the contract.
7.The scooters must be delivered at the time and place stated, if the renter fails he must pay an extra charge per hour of delay also an extra charge is made to the renter if the scooter is collected elsewhere other than stated on the contract.
8. The lessor is not responsible for fines and court cost for parking. traffic or legal violations or legal liabilities assessed against the scooter. I have read the above conditions of this rental and agree there too. In case of accident ring: 72020,72019.
After the admission of this contract no money will be returned. "PLEASE LOCK YOUR SCOOTER". The above will help you to
avoid bad surprises.
9. While driver is under influence of alcohol or drugs.